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All of You - Christina  Lee A nice twist on the whole one virgin in the couple. I liked that this time the hero was a virgin and the heroine was more experienced.Avery isn't looking for anything other than someone to scratch an itch and she is enthralled by a man she sees at a party. The only issue is he doesn't seem to be interested in her but his friend is and she is a bit stunned to find that even though the friend would scratch her itch she doesn't really want him. Instead she heads home alone to think about this stunning man only to find her mystery guy lives upstairs from her. She's startled awake later by strange noises and a man attempting to break in but of course our lovely mystery man comes to save the day. As she spends more and more time around him she finds herself wanting more than to just scratch an itch which terrifies her due to her past. I liked how she handled his announcement and even though I did find myself frustrated at times with her pushing this amazing man away I was happy when she finally let him in. She's been burned so many times and to see her finally let her walls down for him was nice to see. I liked her strength and her own acknowledgement that what she's been doing maybe isn't what she wants but fear held her back for so long.Bennett is one sexy man. I loved his reasoning behind being a virgin still and appreciated that while he was one he didn't look down on others who chose to have sex. I understood why he felt the way he did and adored how persistent he was with Avery. He showed an amazing amount of patience every time she pushed him away but when he first saw her he knew there was something special there and didn't want to risk letting it go. I liked that he didn't accept her reasoning during the last conflict but he's such a great guy he is willing to wait everything out because in his heart he knows they have something rare. He's sexy, protective without being smothering and tattooed… who could resist??? I would love to have met someone like him when I was younger to build a relationship with.Overall this was a nice read and I would gladly read more about them or more about their friends...Thanks to and Intermix for giving me the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review.