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Plus One

Plus One - Brighton Walsh This was a fun story about two people who have always been there for one another but one has kept a blind eye to how much the other truly wants them.Olivia has just ended yet another meh relationship but is not looking forward to going to a series of weddings by herself. When her best friend's little brother (her best guy friend) Ian offers to be her "plus one" for the events she decides to accept but is shocked by how much she wants him as the time moves on. She struggles with this new attraction as she feels it will cause her to lose the two people who mean everything in the world to her. As they spend more time together she decides to propose a no-strings attached fling but finds herself fighting to not let it be more than she proposed.Ian was just an incredibly sexy man. He only moved away to escape his feelings for Olivia. He can't be around and watch her go from person to person when all he wants is to be is her one. He agrees to go along with this whole plus one thing just so he can spend time with her but struggles to keep his own attraction under wraps. While he agrees to the whole no-strings plan he really hopes that he will be able to finally get her to see him as someone that will love her for all time. He's willing to push her when he has to but is smart enough to back off as needed. Overall this was a very nice story with a good amount of heat and heart that made me laugh at times but also made me smile at the level of sweet adoration Ian had for her. She truly is a lucky woman.Thanks to and Carina Press for the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review.