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Skin in the Game (Entangled Brazen)

Skin in the Game - Jackie Barbosa Cade is only back in town for a couple of weeks as a favor to his old high school coach and to give him time to finish healing from an injury. He's still hoping to get back to being the quarterback for an NFL team but owes the man who was a surrogate father to him the world. He's intrigued by a woman he meets while out for coffee and they engage in an incredible one night stand. He's not happy when he wakes up the next morning and she's run off but when he finds out that she's the assistant coach for the football team he's supposed to be head coach for he just can't believe his luck. It starts out with him being a bit pissed off and wanting to get even with her for leaving him but as he spends more time around her he's a goner. He's smart, alpha and yet has enough sense to figure out what is truly important in life. I loved how he took other people's thoughts and future in to consideration before he made a decision except in typical romance land fashion… neglects to complete think his decisions through and their impact on the heroine. He's redeemed though as he never hid anything from her but he just needed a nudge to do the right thing.Angela has always had a thing for Cade but back in high school she was always the nerdy girl who happened to be big in to sports and he was the high school star quarterback that was nice enough to let her talk about how the team could improve. She's always wanted to be the head coach and is not too happy when Cade comes in to take over the team while the head coach is out for health issues. She's used to fighting the prejudice that comes with being a female trying to coach a male dominated sport but she's smart and has a natural head for the game. She decides that the one night stand she had with him should be it for them but as Cade keeps pushing for more and more time with her she can't help but indulge. After all she knows he is really trying to get back in the NFL and she just won't fit in there as she only wants to stay in their small hometown and coach for the team she loves. She's got an entertaining father and some issues with believing in herself but this isn't a turn off and isn't something that feels like whining. She's very practical and does have trouble taking help but when it is offered in such a way that it makes sense she's willing to back off and listen.This was a very nice read that I have to thank Entangled Publishing and NetGalley for. I loved the story and appreciated the chance to read it in exchange for my honest review.