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Flirting with Disaster (Camelot, #3)

Flirting with Disaster (Camelot, #3) - Ruthie Knox I have to keep this review short because otherwise I would never stop writing this down. This is a very nice story where you will want to hurt the hero for being so hard for his lady love to understand but when you find out why he is the way he is you just want to cuddle him.Katie is at a crossroads in her life. She's now divorced from her disaster of an ex but she can't quite decide where to land now. She's intrigued and pissed off by her brother's recent hire as she's convinced he hates her. I mean he never talks to her so what else could it be? As she works to become something she can be proud of she tends to put her natural caregiving tendencies down as she feels like it has made her a doormat in real life. She's very smart but because of past bad choices she doesn't trust anything her gut tells her instead trying to be something/someone she isn't. Since Judah has decided to hire the company but only if she works his case she decides why not have a torrid fling with a rock star. I mean hell why shouldn't she have the same fun most men have? She does a lot of silly stuff as a result and what she finds as time passes is her natural abilities are worth more than she ever thought and the man of her dreams has been there all along provided they both wake up.Sean is in severe lust/love/oh what ever you want to call it with Katie. She's the only one who makes him feel more than just lust but she also has this ability to get behind the control he has lived his life with for decades. He's a thinker and doer but needs someone to make him face ghosts in his past so he can really be free of some horrible things. He does everything to push her away as his life is back in California not in Camelot but he wants her so badly he ends up letting her in to places others have never been close to. He is such a great man and I adored how much he struggled with his stuttering in the face of Katie but I really loved how much he was able to help her believe in herself. He's such a supportive person and watching him bloom while he helped Katie become who she was meant to be was very sweet/heartwarming.As always I adore Ruthie and cannot thank and Random House enough for giving me the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review.