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Just One Night, Part 1: The Stranger

Just One Night, Part 1: The Stranger - Kyra Davis I'm going to start this by saying - Don't bother picking this up if cheating is a no way no how understandable thing. She cheats on her almost fiancé during this book and I'm not sure if the ends justify the means but as I read the end of this I have to say I do want to read more. There is something about the man that draws me to him and I can understand why she is so intensely attracted to him. Kasie has always been the good girl. She's never stepped outside the box and has the requisite proper boyfriend as a result. He doesn't make her quiver nor does he really draw out any passion in her but he is safe and isn't that all you need in life? Her friend talks her in to a trip to Vegas and tells her to let her hair down. Sleep with a stranger and see if living a bit on the wild side is what she truly wants or does she need to go home and live the boring plotted out life that she has been plodding down all these years. She meets a man at the tables who turns all her switches on and they end up having an incredible interlude which has her wondering if maybe she isn't doing or being what/who she should be. When she runs in to him again as a client of the PR firm she's at she is understandably mixed up and they start a torrid affair which ends up opening her eyes to more than just her own feelings but that things aren't what she thought they were.I'm not going to talk to much about the male lead as I think you need to read this to see how absolutely magnetic he is but suffice it to say I can understand why someone who has always lived her life buttoned up and repressed would be tempted to take his offer and run with it even if it is cheating. I know some people will chide me for that but other than her inability to break it off with a man who isn't right for her I liked her. I don't condone cheating as in my personal life I would not be able to find any valid reason for cheating nor would I ever tolerate it but I try to separate my personal beliefs when I read as there are quite a few things that happen in romance land that I would never find acceptable in reality. If you can look past this major item then this can be an interesting read with some hard questions posed.Thanks to and Pocket Star for the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review.