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True - Erin McCarthy I was very lucky to meet Erin Galloway at an RT Convention unofficial Blogger event sponsored by Smart Bitches, Trashy Books and Dear Author. We had a great time and as a part of this event Erin was nice enough to offer us a chance to read this title with no pressure for review. I have to say I am looking forward to the next one as even though I didn't like most of the "friends" that surround the main characters I did love his family and the next one is about his brother plus one of the "friends". Rory has always been an outsider when it comes to being a normal young woman. She's very smart and driven but when it comes to social interaction she's lost. An introvert by nature and shaped by life with her introverted father she skipped out on having dates, boyfriends and all the other drama that comes with getting older but in college she ends up being roommates with two women that are much wilder and willing to live life for fun than she has ever been. When they find out she's a virgin they decide pairing her up with someone her complete opposite from the outside would do the trick. She finds out that love, sex and passion are not as easy as she would have hoped but that what people see on the outside is not necessarily the true version that exists if you look behind the facade. She grows up a lot during this story and I have to say I liked how much she was willing to push her family and the man who ended up stealing her heart. She isn't perfect and at times is overly dramatic but it never made me roll my eyes as the author does a good job making you see why the reactions fit Rory.Tyler… sigh… I have to say I adored Tyler once we got around his tough exterior. He does things not because he wants to but out of a huge sense of honor that even though they are not always smooth or appropriate are truly heartfelt and moving. He starts hanging out with Rory to get to know her better and as they start to develop a real relationship also tries to let her go knowing in his heart he is beneath her. She's smart, sweet and according to him worthy of someone that is more than the son of a druggie that is going to be lucky to get his EMT certification and then work to build a new life for his two younger brothers. He's very stoic about what he deals with from his mom but when the worst happens his only real thought is to protect Rory from being taken down with him. I adored this tattooed, pierced bad boy with a heart of gold and do want to see more of him. My hope is we will get to see him managing to get out from under the hole he is in when we see his brother's story.This was a wonderful read other than the secondary characters who managed to piss me off because of their behavior. Neither set of them seemed worthy of the loyalty Rory and Tyler show them other than maybe Nathan but I just felt like slapping them all at times and saying grow the hell up!Thanks again to Erin at Penguin/Berkeley Publishing for giving me the chance to read this one as I greatly enjoyed it. Please keep me in mind if you want to send me the next one… ;-)