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Tight Quarters (Strangers on a Train)

Tight Quarters (Strangers on a Train) - Samantha Hunter Brenna is attempting to conquer a major fear of hers caused by a traumatic incident in her past. She's supported by the staff of the train as they really want her to succeed on this attempt but when she finds out there was a mistake with booking and she will have to share the berth with another passenger or try this again later. She can't try this again later because if she wants to become a travel writer she has to overcome this fear of enclosed spaces so she decides to make the best of it. What she ends up finding is a man who is incredibly supportive of her fight and also gives her another reason to want to succeed in this fight. She opens up to him in more ways than just sexually and not only helps herself but also helps him in opening up.Reid has just retired from the NYPD after being shot on the job. He's from a line of cops but after that incident he realizes that he wants to open a B&B or do something else with his life where he isn't afraid all the time. Not that fear rules him but being shot made him realize he wanted more than what the NYPD could offer him. He's not happy with being made to share a berth with this uptight woman but as he gets to know her and spend more time around her he realizes how brave and strong she is. He wants more than just this weekend but isn't certain if this means as much to her as it has come to mean for him. He's at times a bit brusque and rude but ultimately this is what they both need to realize what matters in life.I'd love to see more of these two just because it was a lovely story even with the quick resolution.I have to thank Ruthie Knox for giving me the chance to be a part of the fun surrounding this release and giving me the chance to read all of the wonderful stories…