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Ticket Home (Strangers on a Train)

Ticket Home - Serena Bell I have to say this was my favorite story of the five. I adored it as it felt like a full length story rather than a novella. You get a good feel for who they were in Seattle and honestly where they needed to go in the future. This takes talent to accomplish in this shorter format and Serena succeeds completely. I'm definitely going to keep an eye out for more from her in the future.Amy left Seattle to try to make a life away from the man she loved with all her heart. She felt that he always put business in front of their relationship and that he didn't really value her for her but saw her more as the accessory he needed. She moves to Connecticut and starts working a job she loves to try to become her own person. She's understandably shocked when she runs in to her ex on the train and what follows is a painful yet needed confrontation of what they were and what she needs to feel like she matters to him. She wants his attention and for him to invest time in them versus always dropping plans and things with her to take care of his business. Does she want him to quit his dream completely? No. She just wants to feel like she is as important to him as the money his business brings in. I liked that she didn't back down but I also liked that she owned up to her part in the failure of their relationship. He can't be a mind reader and know she's hurting if she won't speak up and let him know. She needed to force the issue as much as he needed to pay closer attention to the signs.Jeff is not a bad guy. He's just wrapped up in making his business a success and his personality doesn't take to giving up a bit of control easily. He honestly doesn't understand what the issue was or that she was so unhappy. He's very clueless but as the story progresses you learn it isn't out of meanness or general asshole behavior. He was trying to make a life for them that would make sure her every need was taken care of without realizing that she wasn't in it for the money or security that brings but she just wanted him. Time with him, life with him and a chance to take trips like other couples do. She didn't want to be this corporate wife where she only saw him during those brief periods he wasn't working she wanted a partner. I loved how he really did try to understand even though it took something extreme for him to finally wake up but that he also didn't try to push back everything on her. They both made mistakes and all he wants is the woman who owns his heart and soul.This was a lovely story of two people who really do love one another finally getting the courage to speak up for what they want and to voice those things they never were capable of telling one another while they were together. I loved them both and would love a chance to see them happy later in their lives maybe as side characters in another story (hint hint).I have to thank Ruthie Knox for giving me the chance to be a part of the fun surrounding this release and giving me the chance to read all of the wonderful stories…