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Back on Track (Strangers on a Train)

Back on Track (Strangers on a Train) - Donna Cummings This was a fun story about a woman who needs to get a life and a man who needs to find his way back to life. Allie is working extremely hard to get her new marketing company off the ground that she hasn’t bothered to let herself have a social life. Dating? Who has time for that when you want to make this new venture succeed. She’s persuaded to take a train ride that also includes a lot of wine tasting when her friend talks her in to walking up to a strange man and playing a little game of guess the lie. What ends up happening is something neither of them expected and that is to find someone that they could really build something real and lasting with if they would only give it a chance.Matt is at a crossroads in a lot of respects. He’s getting older and is recovering from a major injury that could keep him away from his first love of baseball. He’s talked in to coming on the tour but is also trying desperately to stay incognito when Allie surprises him with her game. He’s intrigued by her playing like she doesn’t know him and drawn to her fun, quirky personality. Unfortunately things come to light that cause conflict and to be honest I was not too happy with the way this happened. It was a bit contrived but I still enjoyed the story overall.