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Along Came Trouble: A Loveswept Contemporary Romance

Along Came Trouble - Ruthie Knox What can I say? I'm addicted to Ruthie Knox and she can keep providing me with more things to feed the addiction. This one is no exception and while I can understand people having issues with the heroine I also have to say she made some sense even when she is being stubborn.Ellen has always just rolled with the punches to the point where when she finally stood up for herself she built huge walls around her heart and soul. She's not happy when she has to deal with a pushy security guy trying to tell her what she has to do to her house to protect herself from the paparazzi that are descending on her small town because her pop-star brother just had to get involved with her pregnant neighbor. She does everything to push the man away even though her insides turn to mush when he talks to her and spends time with her. While I understood why she was the way she was I still think he is a saint to be so patient and understanding with her. He puts up with a lot from her and even spends time with her young son, Henry (who he calls by a nickname she doesn't like). She has a lot on her plate and I admire her tenacity when dealing with unscrupulous record companies on behalf of young stars plus dealing with the asshole known as the ex-husband. She's feisty but very vulnerable to someone that actually shows her that she is valuable in her own right. Caleb… sigh… Caleb… sigh. I had to say that a few times because he's just so swoon-worthy. He has his moments of being a complete and utter idiot but I chalk that up to being male. He tolerates her not letting him do his job to protect her while at the same time negotiating to get this prickly woman to bend just a touch to make the needed changes. He doesn't want to take her life over but between his job and feelings that rapidly develop for her make him do some things that she just can't stand. He's so sweet when he takes what she is willing to offer him in hopes that she will realize what he wants from her isn't just play but real. I just can't say enough about how good of a man he is so I am not going to babble on about his good traits as I could keep going for hours…..Add to the story a pampered pop-star brother, smart-ass neighbor and a highly entertaining Nana, well then you just have stories that make you happy and swoon. All parties in this book are worth mention but I'm trying to be good and not babble.Thanks to, Random House and Ruthie Knox for giving me the privilege of reading this one early in exchange for my honest review. I adored this and think you will as well.