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Crazy Thing Called Love

Crazy Thing Called Love - Molly O'Keefe This is a wonderful story with a huge amount of heart and angst. It is heartbreaking but beautiful and you really do want to be along for the ride.Billy has hit rock bottom in his career and life. He doesn't want to acknowledge it but that is where he is at. He's angry, hurt, stubborn and incredibly vulnerable to the one thing he never had as a child, family love. He decides to play along with a local Dallas morning show and be made over because it gives him a chance to be near the one person who ever meant anything to him and that he knows he treated poorly, Maddy. He's so incredibly in love with her and always has been even when he was ignoring her in favor of his own needs at the expense of hers and their marriage. This is a man who had a horrible childhood and really never learned how to be a grownup or a family man but needs this with all his heart/soul. I adored seeing him open up to her and fight for what he wanted but still be willing to listen to her this time. He realizes he made major mistakes in the past (seeing them was painful but needed as it brought the issues more in to focus as we got back to current time) and wants nothing more than to make things right for her. If this means he gets the only woman he has ever loved and has loved him in return then he'll be happier for it. He's confronted with a lot of items during the story and while he didn't always handle them the best he was unflinchingly honest in his reactions plus apologies as they were needed. Such a hurting wonderful man that deserved everything good that comes out of this story.Maddy loved Billy with everything her young heart had to give but he just kept taking, taking, taking and not really giving her anything back other than money. She ends up leaving him and making a name for herself in a world he is not a part of. She's buried her past including her marriage to Billy but seeing him again brings up those feelings of inadequacy and a huge fear that if she lets him in she'll lose herself again. I understood where she was coming from in that Billy took up every ounce she had to give when they were younger and didn't realize that all he gave her in return was things. She does the show with the intent of just getting it over with but as they work on the show the cracks start to form and who she really is starts to come through. She's strong but I loved how as the walls came down and the real woman came out she became someone I would really like to know. She's got a huge heart and the only thing that keeps her sane is building a huge wall around it so no one can ever let her down again. She lashes out at Billy many times during the book and while some were deserved I did get a little pissed that she took so long to come around and see who he really is now versus then. This was a very sweet story that had moments where I was sniffling at all the pain they put each other through due to youth and inexperience. I think you can read this without reading any of the other stories in the series but read them anyway plus the prequel of Billy and Maddy's marriage when she was just getting ready to graduate high school. The prequel will show you how much love they really do have for one another and as many say at times love just isn't enough but in this case while it wasn't originally the reunion story is very much worth it.Thanks to and Random House for giving me the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review.