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Nobody's Angel (The Earth Angels)

Nobody's Angel - Stacy Gail Kendall has a wild night in that she sees her co-worker/friend kill himself on live television right after he attempts to kill another co-worker. She swears she sees a milky white film over his eyes and when she tells this to a paramedic on scene she not only senses he knows what she is talking about but that he is someone she wants to get to know more in a personal way. I mean she shouldn't think that after what she just went through but it is what it is. She's stubborn which helps her with her job as an investigative journalist but in this case puts her in the path of more odd behavior and puts her life in jeopardy.Zeke is trying to keep people safe from demons and ghosts but Kendall has gotten under his skin in a personal way and he just can't seem to let her go. He's a paramedic by day and a vigilante by night. His big secret deals with his ancestry as he is an offspring of a long ago liaison between an angel and a mortal that is forbidden. It is his belief that him keeping the city quiet when it comes to other-worldy activity that he and his family will be able to live in peace without the divine wrath wiping them off the planet.I have to say the relationship went from 0-100 in a very short span of time but the idea of these people who are so convinced they are still condemned was intriguing and I want to read more.