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The Winning Season

The Winning Season - Alison Packard 4.5Kelly has a dream job as a publicist for the San Francisco Blaze baseball team. She loves her job but also would love to have a love like her sister has found. She's got some major issues with the fact the team brought in a catcher to replace the catcher that is out due to an accident. This catcher is the same man who insulted her to no end at a dinner with her sister and now she has to work with the train wreck that is Matt. She also finds herself incredibly attracted to this infuriating man but has her own body image issues to work thru. She's strong, feisty and definitely able to stand up to such a strong man. I loved how much she was wiling to put herself out there to try to help an intern and also to help our damaged Matt heal. She was such a strong character and I found myself proud of what she had accomplished even as she fell apart at the seams. I also loved how much she put on the line with Matt even as things got rough. Matt is such a great hero even when he behaves like an ass. I adored him as we got to know him and watching him struggle with his past was heartbreaking but seeing him open up to Kelly was lovely. He's such a hard person to like initially as we do not know what exactly is causing him to lash out but I liked that the author gave us a chance to see his own inner struggle. Even as he says and does things that are hurtful you got to see that it wasn't as callous as he was making it seem but that he hated himself even as he was saying or doing those things. I adored when he did let the softer side show and also that he was so amazing when Kelly shared her own struggles. I understood why he did what he did towards the end of the story even though it pissed me off royally. He really put his heart out there for Kelly even though he didn't say the words until it was almost too late but when he does it was just beautiful.Thanks to and Carina Press for the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review.