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Love at High Tide

Love at High Tide - Christi Barth 3.5Darcy is not having a great day. Her friend has talked her in to going in to the water and she ends up swallowing more than she really wants to. The only good part of it is running in to a handsome man who saves her. She's trying to decide what path her life should take and also working hard at keeping her friend from getting herself killed in the latest career attempt. What follows is a fun time watching Trina and Darcy avoid getting caught by the bad guy as Trina tries to be a private eye while Darcy tries to get more time with the amazing man she was washed in to. Darcy has her issues to work through with her family and her attempts to do what will get her validation from them versus what could get her happiness for herself. She struggles with this over the entire story and yet it didn't detract from it because she is surprisingly honest with herself about the whole thing. There is no real woe is me thing going on but instead it is an attraction that may be more than she expected to have in her life.Coop is at a major crossroads in his life. He is a cop but had a bit of a crisis when his partner was killed by a stupid act. He was injured in this but the worst blow to his self-confidence was being unable to join the Secret Service. When he gets to rescue Darcy he's glad for more than one reason, she intrigues him and as he spends more time around her he finds himself wanting more of her. He knows that this is a week-long fling but is he really willing to let her go at the end of the week to follow the "dream" opportunity? He was a wonderful hero for being so patient with the distractions that keep him from spending as much private time with her as he would like but he also really did listen to her amazingly silly friend. I adored his interactions with them and especially appreciated that he really did listen even if it didn't seem like he was.This was a fun read and would be perfect for a beach or poolside distraction. Thanks to Carina Press and for the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review.