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Rush Me

Rush Me - Allison Parr I have to say this was my first foray in to NA and I enjoyed it. We have a fun story of a uptight, fairly repressed woman and an easily angered, carefree man who end up finding love when/where they never expected it. At their core they really share a ton of values and attitudes but the surface appearances make them both think that they aren't worthy of one another.Rachael ends up stumbling in to a party being thrown by Malcolm who happens to be a football player for the local NY team. When there she meets the teams all-star quarterback who of course assumes she's there just for a hook-up which causes her to go off on him about dumb jocks and their behavior. She is quick to distrust his motives and when things get tough or can be misconstrued she always seems to jump to the worst conclusions. She says things she really doesn't mean out of fear and hurt but as the book progresses we get to see her grow up and face her fears. I liked she didn't care about his money or fame but instead wanted the real man beneath the image. I also adored that she did stand on her own two feet even when it was stupid of her to do so. I understood his frustration when her pride wouldn't let her take anything from him but I liked her spunk.Ryan was something else. He's a great guy who instantly went on the defensive with her which made me laugh a bit. He pushes all her buttons but finds that even though she is prickly and hard to handle he wants her in a way he has never wanted another woman. He doesn't really date but does play the field which does cause a few of the worst arguments when she says things that make him out to be horrible. I loved when we saw his soft side but enjoyed it when he pushed through her walls and showed what she really meant to him. This is a man who most see as invulnerable and this god but what he really is was so much more thoughtful and amazing. He's had his share of hurt in his past and watching him let her in made me smile.This was a very well done story with some fun elements in the other players and her friends but mainly I enjoyed it because the pair was just wonderful together with their fighting and banter. Thanks to and Carina Press for giving me the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review.