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Tactical Strike (Bagram Special Ops, #2)

Tactical Strike (Bagram Special Ops, #2) - Kaylea Cross This was an enjoyable read where the romance really was worked in to the story as more of a side story than the main one. I mean you know that the pair is interested in one another but a good portion of the book is more about them staying alive and doing their jobs as military personnel in Afghanistan.Ryan has been interested in the prickly pilot since the first time he met her. He tries to get closer to her but every time he does he ends up doing or saying something wrong that gets her to shut down on him. Mind you he understands that as an NCO he shouldn't be even considering a relationship or something with her but there is something about her that draws him in. He's a great man and watching him take command when things go to hell was one of the main things that made me enjoy this book. He's strong but also sweet so everything he does has meaning. Candace is very used to keeping her guard up. She's already dealing with being a female pilot in a war zone but add in to it some personal items that come to light as the book progresses and you really understand why she resisted Ryan so adamantly in the beginning. They both could quite easily lose their careers over any hint of impropriety but something about him draws her in. She proves herself to be a true solider when the situation calls for it but also shows her vulnerable side to him when she is faced with the reality of being in a war zone. I found her to be a nice blend of strength and vulnerability but I also liked that once she finally let him in she was unwilling to keep him hidden even if it meant the loss of something that really had been her only focus before. This is a good story of love being found in an unlikely place and how heroes are made during horrible circumstances. The battle portrayed was realistic and the thoughts behind some of those who are our enemies also had a sense of truth. War isn't pretty and it wasn't completely whitewashed for the sake of the story. I'm definitely going to have to grab the first story in this series and any follow-ups. I mean I want to read more about Jackson and his strong willed lady love to be. Thanks to and Carina Press for giving me the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review. As always if you are interested in this or any other Carina Press titles please use the link on my sidebar to pick them up from their website.