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Blood Winter (Horngate Witches Books)

Blood Winter - Diana Pharaoh Francis This one will be the hardest to review as I don't want to give anything away to followers of the series. We get a ton of questions answered along with seeing some major changes in the characters we know and love.Max is back and is still reeling from things that happened in Shadow City. She and Alex are spending time together in the bedroom but things just don't seem to be moving forward from anything other than a sexual standpoint. Max still has a ton of issues and she just hasn't let him in yet. It pushed a lot of buttons for me watching them both hurting but stick with it as what you truly have to work for at times is exactly what you need. If something is easy to have and hold it might not be worth it. Horngate is now being threatened by extremists who believe that witchcraft is causing the hell on earth that the Guardians are unleashing. The foe they meet is hiding as a religious leader but in reality is a witch with help from a source that had me shaking my head. This is a painful story to get through from both an emotional standpoint and a mental one as there are a lot of innocents being killed/tortured in the name of "God" and watching everyone see/deal with this was just hard. Of course Max does what she does best and that is go in with both guns blazing no matter what the cost is to her or to the people around her. I love this about her but hate it as much as I love it… She really does begin to piss you off but the ending is what I wanted to see although I really hope we get more.