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Josh (Wyoming Sky)

Josh - R.C. Ryan 2.5 stars:I don't know why this didn't move me more than it did. I liked the main pair and loved the family but something just didn't work for me. Josh is a great guy. A loner most of his life he is called out to rescue a missing climber. He ends up meeting an amazing woman who he is instantly attracted to both from a physical perspective and from his glimpse of her personality. What starts as a rescue ends up becoming more than he expected and it was nice to see. Sierra has issues.. major issues... this isn't helped by her upbringing or the stalker who is out to get her. She's not easy to warm up to but I did like her willingness to live life and try things. She's a good person but I found the stalker story a little off.. Not that it was bad but something just wasn't there with that portion of the story. There is a bit of heat but nothing major and the family was wonderful to watch. I might read more just to see more of them. As for this main pair... it was nice but something just didn't click with the full story. Thanks to and Grand Central Publishing for the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review.