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Bitter Night (Horngate Witches Series #1)

Bitter Night (Horngate Witches Series #1) - Diana Pharaoh Francis We start the series off with a bang, Max has received a call from her witch, Giselle, telling her to go check something out in a nearby city. You see Max is a Shadowblade, a creation of magic and humanity that makes her unable to handle any light from the sun even the moon. She's strong, able to stand immense amounts of pain, and due to the magic also able to heal from wounds that would kill mortals. Max is driven by a sense of revenge in the early parts of the story and even though she is sworn to Giselle she would love nothing more than to kill the woman she once loved like a sister. She feels immensely betrayed by Giselle's turning her in to a Shadowblade even though it is truly the core of her being. Max is strong… loyal… bitter… compassionate and above all else reckless. She doesn't always think before she acts which makes her incredibly dangerous as you never quite know what is coming next from her. I liked seeing her strength but what I most enjoyed was her weaknesses...This book moves at a fairly quick pace but it doesn't seem to suffer from the normal dump tons of data on you without having a story. You get drawn in to the chess-match between Giselle and Max, Alexander and his witch, Max and Alexander… well heck between Max and the rest of the world. Change is coming to the world and it brings horrible consequences to everyone not just the magical world.Great start to a series and trust me you want to keep reading… there is quite a bit of tension between Max and Alex but the story is mainly about the world and the hell that is about to be unleashed.Please note I received my original print copies from the publisher and then ended up buying the series for my Kindle… No I won't be nice and give away my precious paperbacks but… HEH...