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Huntress (Grace Murphy, #1)

Huntress - Nicole Hamlett I received a copy of this via Book Rooster but I would have paid for this book. Although I did take a bit to get completely drawn in to the book due to the initial whininess of Grace, I did ultimately enjoy the world created and the characters that inhabit it. Grace starts off the book in the middle of a pity party but when push comes to shove she does get her act together and make some real changes in her life. I really liked Drew and his ability to keep her on edge both mentally and physically but hope that they do end up getting together as a couple since I think he is good for her and she ultimately will be good for him. Overall a good read and the links to mythology were intriguing. Looking forward to the next book and figuring out if Grace can come more in to her own and what changes will happen with Dylan. Plus who can resist scooter!