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Knowing the Score

Knowing the Score - Kat Latham Caitlyn is minding her own business but in a life-changing moment ends up saving a man's life. She doesn't know it at the time but this one moment is going to bring her something she never imagined and a life better than she dreamed possible. She's got some major issues in her past with a father that was extremely abusive and an ex male friend who was grooming her to be his possession. I liked how even with all this she still was willing to let Spencer in but was not happy with her lack of trust for someone who worked his ass off to make her comfortable. I understood it but it did get me a bit frustrated. She's strong and the fact that she was willing to put herself in harm's way to help people made her worthy of anything she ever desired but was afraid to hope for.Spencer is almost back to the top of his game in rugby but his past keeps haunting him. He was at the pinnacle in his youth but a stupid mistake almost cost him everything and has kept him from being willing to have anything more than off-season flings. When his grandfather almost dies but is saved by a beautiful woman he is thankful and of course attracted to her. He decides to pursue her even though once he finds out her secret he wonders can he really do this. They come to an agreement that this is no-strings and has a definite end date as she is leaving plus his rugby season will start soon. Of course as they spend more time together he finds himself craving her for more than just sex but for the conversations they have and the way she makes him feel. He thinks he is finally away from the horror of his past until at the worst possible moment it comes back to haunt him. I adored his patience and his caring nature hidden behind the rugby player.I hope that Kat tells us more stories about his teammates as I really enjoyed seeing the interactions between them and the support (hard time) they gave Spencer at key moments. Thanks to Carina Press and for the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review.