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Breath on Embers

Breath on Embers - Anne Calhoun Such heat and amazing angst… Loved loved loved this one. Thea has moved to New York to bury herself in noise so she doesn't have to deal with her grief over the loss of her husband. She's alive but not truly living. She buries herself in sex and her blaring iPod rather than dealing with life. She's had a purely sexual thing going with an incredibly sexy firefighter but when he tries to change the rules on her she panics. I understood where she was coming from but it made me sad to see how many walls she put up just to avoid feeling. She's very lucky the man who roars in to her life is understanding enough to want to make it work but I also understood when he stepped back. He loved her but he couldn't force her to let go and live again.Ronan was incredibly sexy and has items in his past he has had to deal with so he understood where she was coming from. He pushed her boundaries but also stepped back when he knew he was pushing too hard. I loved him and man oh man I'd take him in a heartbeat if he was real. The menage scene was amazingly erotic but the thing that made me start to weep was when her walls fell and she finally admitted what she felt. I cannot stress this enough… if anything go grab just this story because it is so worth every second of time it takes to read it. This is a woman who is fundamentally broken and yet with love/patience opens back up and lives again… :-)