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Tempted in the Tropics - Tracy March This was a cute entry in the series where we get to see the friend of the heroine in book one find love when she didn't expect it.Paige is happy running her little bakery in her hometown and getting to keep an eye on her father but she does want more than that. She wants to have a man look at her and love her like Cole loves her friend Liza but with a town full off older people and married younger ones she knows she probably won't find it any time soon. She's worked hard to help people in her town with the cooperation of the doctor but when his nephew comes in to cover for him while he is on vacation all hell breaks loose. She doesn't know his story but is pissed when he won't continue the little program she has with his uncle. As much as she is pissed at him there is a huge amount of chemistry between them and when it combusts while at Liza's wedding she ends up making herself vulnerable to a man she knows is leaving and has a lot of baggage he needs to work through. I liked her strong personality and adored how she wasn't 100% willing to let him in unless he was completely invested as well. They make a good couple when they both just be themselves.Lane is at a really bad point in his life. His partner who he also happened to be engaged to just ruined their medical practice in Austin and to add insult to injury was having an affair with her attorney. His life is in shambles so when his uncle asks him to step in and help while he's out of the country well why not? He starts things off rather badly but as you get to know him he does redeem himself. I loved his willingness to be in the moment with her although things don't always work out as they planned and when he does realize what he has with her is special he does an amazing grovel to try to win her back. This is a man who has had his world rocked to the core but is a great guy that needs someone as in the moment as she is to bring him out of his doldrums.