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Diamond Dust - Vivian Arend Ok my fan-girl crush on Vivian Arend continues with this latest installment in the Takhini Wolves series. I mean seriously I can't wait until the RT convention in New Orleans to get a chance to see her in person again. I have to say there was a part of me to see Evan and Caroline part ways even though I knew it was coming I was happy to see her get what she truly deserved. Now when are we getting Evan??? Huh? Huh? I mean come on... LOL I also have to mention that I'm glad Lillie pushed Viv to write a book with BEARS!!! Cranky, grumbly BEARS!!!! Did I mention BEARS?? Oh sorry lost my train of thought there... When Evan scents his true mate Caroline knows things are going to change but she isn't aware yet how big the changes are. She finds out about Evan after she gets caught in an embarrassing situation and is helped out by a man who she is definitely instantly attracted to. She thinks it can't go anywhere because of her arrangement with Evan but when circumstances change she decides to roll with it and maybe have a bit of fun with this stranger. She's disappointed when the shifter in question marginalizes their attraction and claims that she is there as a political ally and this is going to be a business only arrangement. Maybe it is time for her to take the time off away from things once this week is up and re-group to figure out what path she should take now. She's so used to either doing things for someone else she loves/cares about or being used by others to improve the situation for themselves that she just wants someone or something just for her. I liked getting to see behind the facade she presents in order to survive being a full-human in the company of shifters and really appreciated how she tried to draw the lines with her grumpy bear at the beginning. She isn't being heartless but trying to protect herself from wanting to have something more than what is being presented to her. She's strong with a huge heart that has been hidden from everyone for years out of self-preservation.Tyler is intrigued by a woman who he found in the hot tub of his hotel suite. He can't afford to get distracted right now as he needs to win the bear conclave's leadership vote but something about her calls to him. When he finds out who she is and exactly how good she is at shifter politics he has to have her on his side. He also wants to engage in some healthy side activities but is positive it will just be for the week of the conclave and nothing more. He isn't looking for anything permanent but as he spends more time around Caroline he finds himself getting thoughts that he never expected. This is compounded by the fact that his bear is incredibly drawn to this feisty woman and others at the conclave have doubts about him being a good leader since he isn't attached. As we get to know him we see him struggle with what is considered acceptable in bear society as he is confronted by a woman who demands to know why bears love to claim instinct versus humanity. As he looks at bear culture from this new vantage point he is ashamed of what he sees and is willing to stand up finally to this old pattern. I loved how he struggled initially with what to do to make Caroline happy but he did truly listen to what she was saying it just didn't always sink in quickly. He has so much growth from the initial man who honestly wanted to do nothing more than look at life as a business to a man who lets himself love and live life outside of work hours. I adored his cranky attitude at the beginning and how Caroline wouldn't accept this from him.This is a pair that is truly well-matched and I cannot wait to get glimpses of them in the future but... ahem... now when do we get Evan's story again? Oh... and when can we have more BEARS!!!!!! ;-)Special thanks to Fatin who contacted me on behalf of Viv to see if I wanted an ARC of this title.. I really appreciated it and ummmmm just assume yes to anything by Viv you ever get in your hands again. I'll take em... :-)