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Bonds of Desire - Lynda Aicher Where do I start with this one? My heart broke watching three damaged souls find one another as they all in one way or another gave up when things didn't make sense. We have a Dom that feels like everyone leaves, a female submissive that buries her own sexuality under what she feels society expects and a switch who is so damaged by his past he feels unworthy of anything good. Yeah this will make you cry for all of them but man oh man you'll also find something heartwarming as they find their ways to heal one another and become strong.Allie is repressed. She's successful in her career but she's got such a narrow view of what is acceptable in love and relationships she's keeping herself locked down. She was raised by a very religious household so she has a very puritanical view of sex and relationships that has been tested by watching her friends fall in love with Doms and also her own attraction to Seth and Tyler. She ends up doing some things to keep herself separate from them but finds that maybe her narrow views aren't exactly right but how can she make this unconventional thing work unless she's willing to put herself completely on the line.Seth has lived his life always trying to take care of others and yet keep his distance. He's comfortable in his own sexuality and finds himself drawn to both Allie and Tyler. When he gets drawn in to stop a horrible scene he gets the chance to have something that could be everything his heart has ever desired. He finds that directing Tyler and Allie satisfies a deep-seated need to control but also allows him a freedom to just be loved. He pushes both of them to be everything they can be sexually but there are so many layers of secrets between the trio that as much as he tries to keep it together he finds it falling apart. He takes responsibility for the mistakes that the three of them all make and for that almost loses everything because of his need to protect. I loved how much he was willing to do for them but his patience and true caring made me adore him.Tyler… sigh… He broke my heart in so many ways. When we first meet him he's at rock bottom acting as a whore for men and has just been brutalized by a client in The Den. He's been told that he's worthless his whole life and now being an escort/whore has made him really believe that he's never going to be worth anything more than this. He's got a lot of work to do during this and watching him struggle with believing that Seth and Allie really do see him as a human being worthy of love and compassion just made me cry. He's also incredibly sexy in both his submission to Seth and his dominance of Allie that I wanted to see more of them loving one another. There is such an amazing amount of joy when they all three come together that you just feel pouring off the page. Seeing him spread his wings and heal with the help of therapy was amazing as he has such a huge heart and finding that he was worth love meant everything to him.I have to thank Carina Press and for the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review. I know the review does not do this book justice but go ahead and read it. I think you'll melt as you see three people find something they all thought they'd never have.