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Trust In Me - Dee Tenorio *Sigh* where do I start with this one?? Well I guess I first start with an apology to Dee because I’ve had this for a bit on my Kindle but have been a bit sidetracked on what title released what date. So Dee I’m extremely sorry that it took me this long to fall in love with Locke but now that I’ve finally read it I’m truly kicking myself for taking so long. He’s just amazing and the fact you gave him a partner that won’t let him roll all over her is just amazing.As much as I want to gush about Locke I’m going to start with talking about the woman who was lucky enough to catch his attention and his devotion. Susie owns the local lingerie and other fun items shop but other than this she’s a bit of a mystery to the town. Sure she’s close to Amanda Jackman but otherwise she’s a bit private in her off-hours and other than one incredible interlude in a remote cabin is not involved with anyone. Does she harbor thoughts about the big man across the street who can get her revved up with just a look? Yes… is she hiding something huge from her past that makes her feel like no matter how badly she craves him she shouldn’t lead him on? Yes. Is she hiding something more pressing from him than her past? Oh yes she is but with her history she’s not going to spill the beans on this time bomb until she can have 3 more days to fret and worry. She’s strong but with her history carries an amazing amount of baggage that will make you truly feel for her as much as you want to yell at her for pushing Locke away. She just can’t see beyond the past to a future she really does deserve with a man that would do anything to make her happy. Ok … I can’t hold out on gushing over Locke any more… I just can’t. He’s just an amazing character that you wish was waiting around the corner for you to find and have fall in love with you. He can be a bit overbearing but you can tell it really does come out of a place of love and not out of a need to control every action you make. He’s put his life on hold to raise and keep together his family after the death of their parents but he really doesn’t feel that he made a huge sacrifice as his family means the world to him. When he sets eyes on Susie he knows that this woman is the one for him and also senses that she’s not going to make the pursuit of her easy so he just works on being a part of her life until the one day when their mutual lust explodes at his cabin. Once they get back to town she’s even more determined to keep him out but he’s even more sure that this is the one for him and will do what he can to make her understand. When her secrets come out he shows an amazing amount of patience and compassion while doing everything he can to prove that she can trust him and trust in them. I have to say watching such a strong man struggle with his need to protect the woman he loves and her need to prove her own strength was amazing. I’ve also got to say he broke my heart a few times as we watch him brought to his knees by some of her actions (trust me she means well but man seeing him in pain was just….). Ok Locke love-fest over as man I could continue talking about him for a very very long time. Thanks to Dee for sharing this story with me with no expectation of a favorable review… I adored him!!