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Deep Deception - Cathy Pegau 3.5This was an interesting read that is well-paced with strong female leads.Natalia is having one of the worst days in memory when she meets an interesting woman at a bar. She is intrigued and soon enough they are on the way up to the woman's hotel room when she's drugged and tied up. When she wakes she is understandably pissed and isn't quite willing to listen to what the woman has to say. The next day however she has nothing on her hands but time to see if what the woman says is true or not but doesn't expect it to pan out. After getting put on suspension for suspicion of taking a bribe to look the other way while a company perform illegal activities she decides to truly look at what is happening at an outlying mining operation but only to prove the allegations and give her a chance to have something else to do than obsess over her potential career ender. She's torn when she goes undercover doing the same job her family did for generations but at the same time this makes her learn more about someone who will become her everything in life and show her what it means to really live again.Gennie just wants to get off-planet and give her kids a chance to live a life where they aren't constantly looking over their shoulders for her deceased former lover's family. She knows they had him killed and now they want to take her kids from her by any means necessary. She turns to Natalia out of desperation and instead finds someone who could be her partner in not only uncovering the secrets she has bits and pieces of but also in life. She's not easy to get to know because she's so worried about keeping her kids safe that she just can't trust but she's smart and strong enough to face her fears over and over in order to make them be safe. I liked how she was willing to cross lines in order to protect her kids but I didn't like how long it took for her to finally let Natalia in. They both have major issues that get worked out in the book and I enjoyed seeing them come to an agreement even when they really didn't trust one another. Their chemistry is definitely off the charts but it does take a bit for them both to really let each other in and start to think as a team.Thanks to and Carina Press for giving me the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review. I enjoyed it!