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Ruby (Facets of Passion, #3) - Jeffe Kennedy Oh dear GAWD I want a Cajun of my own like Prejean. He's just deliciously dirty and so willing to give her everything she desires while still retaining a level of control over her that is caring and not smothering. I just… YUM!Don't try to make sense of only knowing someone for a week and being willing to think of them in terms of forever.. I mean for me that usually is a WTF thing that I have trouble seeing around but in this case I can overlook it just because of how yummy Prejean is.Dani is in New Orleans to do a final shoot for the magazine she is working for before taking off for what she thinks is her dream job in Paris for Vogue. She's an expert at self-control and has this incessant need to be in charge no matter how much it hurts to deny herself things she craves. Weakness is something she cannot stand and self-denial has gotten her to where she is today. When she gets her attitude handed back to her in spades she's shocked and even more shocked when this horrid chef makes her a proposition she just can't seem to refuse later that same day. She's willing to be with him for the week she has left in town but on her terms. He can't know her name and she doesn't want this to be anything more than a fling. What she gets is someone who reads her like an open book and breaks down every single barrier she has.Prejean… Bobby Prejean… now this is one sexy ass Cajun. Dear lord I'd have to let him have his way with me if he asked because he is just that damn appealing. He's drawn to Dani and finds himself wanting to make her open up to him in ways that are more than just a fling. He brings out the best in her just by being there to push her beyond her controls and opens her eyes to what she truly wants versus what her father would have wanted. He's definitely a Dom but I liked how he read her needs and didn't give her what she thought he was going to but gave her constant surprises. He treated her like a treasure and I melted at that. I also melted a bit when we got to see his pain and what he is struggling to move on from. I adored him.. truly adored him.Hot sex, wonderfully caring Dom and an interesting story made this a wonderfully quick read. Thanks to and Carina Press for the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review.