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Ducks in a Row - Michelle Garren Flye This is a very beautiful but painful story that shows a family at a breaking point, a woman finally facing her fears to become a real adult, and the wreckage that gets left behind as you try to avoid facing facts to do the hard things such as make a marriage work.Cady is shocked when her estranged sister shows up on her doorstep pregnant and running from the father of her baby. She's also at a major crisis point in a marriage that seems to be more about the motions than being real. She latches on to her sister in an attempt to replace her work-a-holic husband and teenage daughter but soon this isn't enough as her sister starts to stand on her own feet. She then jumps at the chance to take a part-time job with a man that could mean the death of her marriage as they have a strong attraction for one another but she'd never cross that line, would she, and he would never ask her to, or wouldn't he? She's a good woman who makes some bad choices in this story but they do come from a painfully honest place that even though I can't condone those decisions I can't condemn her for them either.Cam is struggling. She's already had three husbands and two kids who she has nothing to do with but this latest pregnancy has her scared in more than one way. She runs to her sister believing that the perfect family life will give her the chance to figure things out and make a better decision. When she sees that things aren't perfect with her sister's marriage she really steps up to try to help Cady before a horrible mistake can be made. She also finds out that maybe just maybe a real love is in her life to stay if she can just let him in. She grows up a lot in this book and watching her finally embrace being present in her own life was wonderful to see. I liked that even when her life was falling apart she really did want to help her sister and even learned a few things in the process that should mean a wonderful future for her and her baby.I'm going to leave this review short and not mention the men that play a major role in this story but between them and the drama that having a teenager brings to life it really ultimately is a story of two sisters finally finding true happiness with the family they love. Please do not read this if you have a fundamental issue with cheating as I'm not going to whitewash Cady's relationship although I can say that a certain line isn't crossed but for some people this idea of even emotionally cheating or fooling around with someone outside their marriage would be an extreme hard limit so if it is one of yours please don't read. I would recommend it to anyone else but I do want to emphasize there is a major betrayal that happens and I wouldn't want you to be unhappy to read something that is unforgivable to your sensibilities. I found it to be a tragic story in some ways with a glimmer of hope that even at our bleakest moments real love can conquer all.Thanks to Michelle Garren Flye for asking me if I would be willing to review this. She did not ask for anything other than my honest opinion and I can gladly say that this was a wonderful read. I'm just sorry it took me so long to pull it out of my TBR pile.