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Tempted by Trouble - Michelle Smart Marco isn't happy to have to be a babysitter for his spoiled rotten stepsister. He is only doing this as a favor to his mother but he's also got his own agenda and thoughts when it comes to this PITA woman. He's made up his mind about her and no one is going to change it. After all she managed to ruin his initial business plans all those years ago by her behavior and with this latest incident he's convinced she is still nothing but a selfish brat. He is a very driven, smart man who has made an amazing career for himself despite the initial set-back and other than not having a wife or girlfriend he's happily content being this powerful man. I did enjoy that he is drawn to her from the moment he sees her again but I didn't enjoy that he was so horrible to her from moment one without even taking a second to listen to or pay attention to her reactions just in case what was being reported was false. I did like that once he found out the truth he jumped in to try to make things right.Pippa has been accused of assaulting her boss and putting him in the hospital. Did she do it? Yes but it was in self defense but no one wants to listen to her or even pay attention to the sheer amount of injuries she has sustained. Instead the press and her own family have painted her the aggressor and she faces having to defend herself in court against these serious charges. Her father dumps her on the plane to head to Marco's not even acting like he is supportive of her in the least or that he even cares that she was hurt or might be innocent. She's reeling from this latest disaster and just wants to be past this and living back in her now unassuming life doing what she can to make up for her past mistakes. she doesn't drink or party any more but no matter what she does the press makes her out to be this wild party girl. She's always had a thing for Marco but made a horrible mistake that he has never forgiven her for. Did she make mistakes growing up? Yes. Has she learned from them? Yes. Is she still extremely attracted to Marco? Yes. She really is a great person if people would look past the shield she put up around herself to compensate for being treated poorly by her father after her mother's death. I was especially happy that she found a friend/mother in his housekeeper but also happy that the stepmom really did want to help her even if Pippa wasn't always the nicest to her.Thanks to and Entangled Publishing for giving me the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review. They are a good match for one another and help heal wounds that both had from their pasts. Take a chance on it.