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No Turning Back - HelenKay Dimon I have to say there are parts of this book where I wanted to scream at both characters to just say what they needed to rather than half-truths and partial information but hey this is a romance and that would be too easy. There is quite a bit of history that has taken place in this small town and nothing is completely as it seems even when with all your heart you don't want to see the bad.Declan has come to town to potentially put down roots. He's lived a lot of his life in the Army going from post to post and other parts of it trying to just survive being the son of a conman. He's always been lumped in with that description even though he has done nothing to deserve it. He meets Leah and the war is on for both the house and her heart. He has this love/hate thing going with her at first but something in her truly calls to him so he is willing to work on getting to know her better. He's hot-headed and fairly easy to get riled up but after everything his father and others have put him through over the years I did understand it. I liked him when he let the walls down and believed it when he made mistakes but after calming down not only admitted them but tried to make them right. His relationship with his brothers was a nice part of this story and I am definitely looking forward to more in this series.Leah is set on one thing, getting the home back that Declan's father swindled from the family. He didn't actually steal the house but he stole the money that paid for the house and without it they had to leave. She's been raised to hate all things Hanover and when she becomes interested in Declan it starts a major conflict with her head and her heart. She's trying to make her father happy even while it has killed her inside. She's an intense people pleaser so taking up her father's cause is just something she feels she has to do even if she has begun to doubt if all this hatred is really worth it. I enjoyed her character and appreciated that even though it hurt her she did try to stand up for the right thing and not judge the brothers for the sins of their father. My heart broke for her as we saw more of her father and what she has dealt with all her life. I was happy to see her let Declan in and truly see him even if they both were very willing to believe the worst in questionable situations. This was a very enjoyable book that has me ready for more in the story. I'd love to see the truth emerge in a few of the situations and what plays out if the town really finds out the truth. I have to thank and The Penguin Group for letting me read this in exchange for my honest review. I really did enjoy it.