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Pooka In My Pantry (A Monster Haven Story, #2) - R.L. Naquin You really do need to read Monster in My Closet before you read this one just for the introduction to the characters and the chance to understand a bit of the world Zoey lives in. This has been a cute series so far and this one definitely builds on the first one in terms of character growth and the still young relationship between Zoey and Riley.Zoey is still not sure exactly why she has landed in the position of helping various Hidden creatures but she cannot stop this as if she doesn't help those who keep appearing who will. She's a little upset because Riley has dropped off the face of the Earth but then has a few other things that come up. Her buddy Maurice decides to try to get his wife back, she has a sea monster have a baby in her pool, the Leprechaun Mafia decides to push her for protection money and then on top of all this when Riley does make an appearance she also is under supervision as she might be an Aegis. Does she know what that is? No of course not but she knows she wants to be home with her friends and continue to live life the way she always has but with a chance of maybe having a nice first date with Riley. Add to this extreme bad luck compounded by a visit from a pooka named Silas and we have a story that has some serious moments but some fun as well.I have really enjoyed this world thus far and hope that we get quite a few more stories with this eclectic group of beings plus I want to see more of this slow building relationship between Zoey and Riley. My hope is we also get to see more of where her mom has been all this time and exactly who/what is behind some of the fouler items that are going on in the world. Special thanks to and Carina Press for giving me the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review. I truly enjoyed this series thus far and am ready for more.