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Shattered Valor - Elaine Levine This book made my heart ache for Ty. To have had to go through everything he did as a child and yet be the man he was with a soft heart just makes you hurt for him. To see him find his other half in Eden was beautiful. Eden is in town for a reunion with her high school friends when they cross paths with incredibly horrible men. As she works to be there for her friends she ends up meeting Ty who pushes all her buttons. She's very hesitant to trust anyone but when the bad men end up showing up and causing trouble in her real life she is forced to be back in his company. She's quick to believe the worst about his intentions but when she finally lets him in we get a glimpse of how strongly she actually feels about him. She's going to be the one who will always be there for him and support him even when he won't believe in himself.Ty broke my heart a few times in this one. Please be ready with tissues as you will need them when you find out what happened to him as a child. This explains so much about his treatment of Eden and also of letting people close. He doesn't believe himself worthy of something real and good but this is a man who deserves every bit of faith and love that Eden gives him. He's such a strong man and I adored him even when he was being stubborn. I don't want to give away much more but trust me when I say you will cheer when some people get what they deserve although they really deserved much more hell than they got. Elaine has written an incredibly complex set of characters for this series and I cannot wait until we get more glimpses of all of them. I truly thank her for the chance to read this as I adored it.