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Caught in Amber - Cathy Pegau I'm a little torn on this one. I enjoyed it but at the same time there were times I had to step away because I was getting a bit bored. I liked the main characters and the world but for some reason at times I got distracted.Nathan is a good guy caught in a bad spot. His sister has come under the spell of a dangerous drug dealer and he needs help from an unlikely source to get her free. He's a very driven man who at times acts incredibly stupid. I wanted to slap him for some of his actions but he at the most basic level is a great, honorable man who you want to succeed. He's driven and yet when push comes to shove he realizes that he has something real with the woman who started as just a means to an end.Sasha is an incredibly strong woman who made a mistake that she paid for and is still paying for. She fell in with the wrong man and ended up addicted to amber. She did time and in this world parolees have chips implanted that not only keep track of them but also have the ability to help control the cravings for amber. She's trying to get by and do the right thing but it isn't easy. When Nathan approaches to talk to her about helping him rescue his sister she initially turns him down and walks away. She's persuaded to help with getting the initial meet set up for him but ends up having to get in deeper and deeper to help pull the sister out of the lifestyle. I liked how she was so strong but at the same time so vulnerable. She craves real affection and attention which is part of what is so heartbreaking about her. She doesn't believe herself worthy of true affection and when Nathan actually shows it to her she tries to deny it is real. She pushes through everything to do what is right and I love that about her.Give this a shot as the heroine alone is worth the read. I loved her and was very happy that she was so strong and worthy of what she gets. Special thanks to and Carina Press for the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review. As always please take advantage of the link on the sidebar to go pick this and other Carina Press titles up.