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Savage Angel - Stacy Gail This was my favorite out of the two released thus far. The relationship was not quite as hurried in that the pair had met prior to this although didn't truly know one another.Sara is a bodyguard/security specialist that has been put in charge of protecting an old family friend. The part that she dreads is running in to Gideon (the son) who she had a one-time extremely hot interlude with before he deployed to Afghanistan. She tried sending him emails and keeping in contact but he just disappeared. She's surprised when she runs in to him at the compound and he tests her abilities. He's a different man since he came back and she's not sure why he seems to hate her so much but she puts the walls back up she's so good at. This is a woman who is sure of her place in her family business but floundering on any personal interactions which made me sad to see. I understood it once you learn her secret but it was still a sad thing to witness.Gideon was something else. At times I wanted to haul off and kick his ass with what he was doing to Sara but as you get to see more of what happened to him while overseas and watch him struggle with his feelings for Sara… you do forgive the man. He's sexy and damaged but only wants to protect his father and the woman he can't get out of his head. I liked how he came to terms with what she is but mainly I liked that once he realized exactly what he was doing to her he stepped back and admitted to being a complete ass. He's a great guy and man oh man would I not mind being cooped up with him. :-)This felt like a much stronger storyline but both stories had their moments and I look forward to more.Thanks to and Carina Press for giving me the chance to read these in exchange for my honest reviews.