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Crimson Wind - Diana Pharaoh Francis When we left the last book Giselle and Max have come to an uneasy truce as the destruction the Guardians are unleashing causes more destruction to what Max realizes is her home and family than revenge will ever be worth. Does she trust Giselle… No… but at the same time she starts to understand why Giselle did what she did. She still feels betrayed but the need to protect her home and family means more to her than her need for revenge. I respected her for this but she still has a ways to go before she really becomes whole again.Max has been granted a boon by the being she calls Scooter to go bring her family back to Horngate for protection. She's determined to do this on her own but is forced in to taking Alexander who isn't completely comfortable with his desires for her or his place in this new reality. He's a Prime and finding himself sort of serving under someone other than just a witch does grate on him but mainly not knowing what his place is in this coven is taking a toll. He's also wanting Max to admit she has feelings for him or at least be willing to open the door up to him to try to see what they have between them. He's a good man but at a bit of a loss right now.Max and Alexander learn a lot about each other on this trip and seeing him be there for her when the worst sort of betrayal hit her was wonderful to see. She needs someone to truly back her up and accept her for her… he does give this to her even though at times it doesn't seem that way. She fights for her family and really realizes what it means to be a family in this book. It isn't always about blood but more about heart and compassion. She grew up quite a bit in this one but still makes rash decisions that can come back to haunt her. I found myself being more and more drawn in to the world and for this I thank the author.Please note I received my original paperback copies from the publisher but then purchased my Kindle copies as I prefer to read electronically. This in no way influenced my review.