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Getting Over Mr. Right: A Novel - Chrissie Manby I truly struggled to work my way thru 50% of this book. I ended up not being able to truly finish it although I did skim thru to the end. I understand what the author was trying to do and I appreciate it but... Dear god the female lead is so truly insane it ended up being annoying and not funny to me.Ashleigh has met "Mr. Right" or so she thinks she has... He then dumps her by changing his Facebook status to single. When she finally confronts him it doesn't go well... she then goes off the deep-end and starts some wildly insane stunts in her attempts to get him back.I just could not finish this no matter how hard I tried. It just made me more and more uncomfortable with the lengths she went to.. If you want to see insanity in a woman scorned this is probably the book for you but for me... nah... I won't pass up another novel by Ms Manby but this one was just not for me. The writing was good but I just couldn't stay with the story. Sorry. :-(I thank and Bantam for letting me read this in exchange for my honest review.