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Came Upon a Midnight Clear - Katie Porter When Katie asked me if I wanted to check out some upcoming reads my answer was "YES YES YES". Now mind you I didn't know exactly what she was sending me but man oh man this one was so yummy. I believe when I was reading this I kept tweeting "OMFG This is war war war too freaking HAWT!!!" If you don't like M/M then please turn away from this review because this is one steamy man-love story complete with angst and past heartbreak… Kyle was born to money and prestige. His current career as a hot Hollywood producer has just continued this tread of power and privilege. Only one issue haunts him… He's gay. Now I know … who really cares.. well his family for one and in reality the industry he is still proving himself to. So he's deeply in the closet and satisfies his urges with well hidden affairs. His production company hires a stunt company that uses ex-felons and other outsiders as performers. One of the owners/performers of this company is his one major teenage regret - Nathan. You see he and Nathan had an incredible connection that blew apart due to one major mistake. He's never really come to terms with what happened and as we soon find out they both still want each other with an incredibly combustable result… *fans self* dear God the pool table…. WOWZA.Nathan has never forgotten Kyle. He never felt like he was enough for Kyle but cannot deny how much chemistry they had and still have. He's got his own issues to work thru and is unwilling to keep his true feelings hidden. He doesn't like life in the closet so doesn't understand Kyle's inability to live his life openly and without fear. He's tough on the outside but inside he truly is a lost little boy who just wants to be with the man he loves openly and without reservations. He pushes Kyle when needed but isn't willing to be hidden away in the closet so pushes away from what he so desperately wants...This was a very angst ridden… dear god scorch the sheets and whatever other surfaces the men end up on… incredible love story. The men both are so much better when they are together than when they are apart and getting glimpses of what they were to each other as teenagers just pumps the volume up on what they ultimately become. I was so proud of both men as they grew up and into the couple they become.Again.. dear gawd HAWT … Thanks to Katie Porter for giving me this with no real expectation of a review but man oh man.. just read this one.