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Winter Fusion - Anna Hackett Savan is one of the best planetary negotiators in the galaxy but when he is forced to negotiate with a rival on Perma that’s when all hell breaks loose. He’s got his life mapped out for him… I mean he’s next in line for the top negotiator slot on his planet… he can have his pick of women to have a child of his if he wants with no pesky commitments… all the wonderful tech gadgets he wants and the ability to travel to whatever strikes his fancy… Are we sensing he is about to have his feet knocked out from under him? Good… cause he does…Brinn hates Savan… I mean seriously hates the man. I mean his planet kept Perma from getting in to the trade union which could have allowed them to get the technology they desperately needed to save lives including her father’s. She doesn’t want to have to deal with him but they did win the first right to bid and negotiate for power crystals that her planet has. When he insists on visiting on Yuletide Eve she doesn’t realize that she is about to be embroiled in a fight for her life and find the love she never expected.They both learn a lot as they try to keep alive and their times together were laden with tension and the right amount of heat. When they both learn more about each other and let the walls down the results were hot but also emotional. I enjoyed watching the changes they both ended up making in order to make things work and would love to see more. I’ll have to keep an eye out for more by Ms Hackett.