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Galileo's Holiday (A Galactic Holiday Anthology Story) - Sasha Summers Riley has almost always been alone and that's what she believes she will always be. She hasn't had a lot of human contact as an ice miner but when a raider ship destroys her spacecraft she ends up finding something that she never realized she was missing... a partner and a home. She's incredibly intelligent and watching this woman soak up human contact and love was sweet to see. She just jumps in and immediately starts to try to help the people who have taken her in and given her more kindness in an hour than she really has had her entire life. Actually I don't want to say her mom didn't love her but the lifestyle of an ice miner doesn't really seem to lend itself to any traditional human interactions... Leo ends up rescuing Riley when her ship is destroyed but he is also hiding something. You see the raiders are looking for cargo he is moving and will stop at nothing to acquire it. He's on Galileo to not only bring supplies to the people who live there but also to wait for a chance to run the life-saving supplies out to another planet. When he meets Riley he is drawn to her and they start a passionate affair. I don't think either of them ever expected to find the one for them so it was fun to see them dance around it briefly before finally giving in and taking what they wanted. I think the reason I liked this one so much was you could feel the deep loneliness both of them felt and seeing them both open up and fall was sweet to watch.