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How the Glitch Saved Christmas - Stacy Gail Reina is an oddity in the current Chicago police force... She actually wants to stay completely human and not take advantage of all the body mods that are available. Unfortunately for her this results in her being demoted and harassed by other cops. She still wants to do her job but due to items that happened in her past cannot envision ever being turned in to a "walking toaster". She's called in on a case and while there runs in to a man who just drives her a bit insane both from a professional standpoint and a personal one. She's teamed up with him to solve this case and while they work it they finally give in to the feelings that have been simmering below the surface since the day they met.Edison is the departments poster boy. He has been willing to get every enhancement they have on the market but only because he felt it would help him serve the public better. He's smart but also believes in taking any advantage you can when it comes to hunting down bad guys. He's had his eye on Reina for a while but just can't seem to penetrate the wall she has around herself until now.The case itself was interesting and I won't give it away but what I liked best was the fact that both main characters acknowledged their weaknesses and were willing to see the others side even if it wasn't what they would have chosen for themselves. There seemed to be a good balance between them and that at times is missing in romances... Also let's just say the ending made me do a bit of an Awwww .... I will definitely keep my eye out for more by Ms. Gail.FYI - Copy was given to me by the editor.. She did not ask me to review it but I am anyway and in no way did it influence my opinion.