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Lord Gray's List - Maggie Robinson This was just a fun book to read. The main pair bicker back and forth to hide their need for one another but as we all know this doesn't work in the long run. They both have such a quick wit and joy for life that I found infectious once you get past his pompous attitude and need for control. Actually he wasn't so bad he just hides his hurt behind an overly callous exterior but when he falls he falls hard. She's just as bad about making decisions based on appearances but…. You realize really quickly hers is a defense against the way she had to keep things together dealing with a gambling father…Loved the by-play and really think anyone who likes seeing a war of the sexes played out via words will enjoy this one…Thanks Maggie for giving me an ARC to read with no expectations of a review. I really enjoyed the pair and am ready for more…:-)