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Silver Mine - Vivian Arend I have to admit… this one took me a bit longer to warm up to. Not that the main pair isn't hot but for some reason I just wasn't as quickly drawn in. I liked them both when I finished this but at first it just didn't call to me.This is an interesting book in that the main pair are both oddities in the shifting world…Chase is a hybrid that is never certain if he will turn in to a cougar or a wolf when he shifts. He's a bit of a loner at the start of this but stands as the Alpha for a rag-tag group of shifters who just don't fit in to a traditional pack or hierarchy for one reason or another. He is heading in to town to pick up supplies for himself and the outsiders but also ends up getting seen for an odd wound that just won't heal. He's very loyal to his adopted people and only ends up staying in town longer than expected due to the wound. He is fascinated with the heroine when they first meet but this is no jump in to bed romp. Shelly is the half-sister of Caroline (Evan's sort of lover/assistant… hmmm no they are lovers but dude you have to read both books to get a good picture) and a wolf that can't shift. She's been treated poorly due to the inability to shift but has finally decided to come home to open a clinic… vet… she's not completely aware of Evan and the changes he is making but you'll like how he treats her when he meets her. She's not looking for a man but is also attracted to Chase when they meet. The whole mystery surrounding his wound was interesting and man oh man when the two of them finally get down to business the pages do heat up. I liked seeing these two find something they weren't looking for and was happy to see their HEA.Ok… This being said … I'm impatiently waiting to see what Vivian does with Caroline and Evan… they both deserve an incredible HEA and if they aren't together she better make it worth our while.. (Hint Hint)… LOL. I'm left with some questions after this one but I think that there is more to their story than what we have so far but hey I have faith she'll not only make us squirm for a bit longer but the payoff will be huge.