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Black Gold - Vivian Arend We start the series by meeting Evan (Takhini Alpha) and Shaun.. Evan plays a part in both books released so far and let me tell you he is far from being a traditional Alpha. You'll love his sense of humor and the fact that he really wants what is best for the pack not just power… Helps that he is sexy but ya know...Shaun is a bit of a lone wolf but he actually isn't the shifter he tries to portray. He runs from any sort of commitment but he is there when people need him even if they don't think they do. He really does try to help but if you asked him he would deny it until he was blue in the face. I liked seeing the give and take between him and Evan especially when he gets drunk on Evan's "special" hooch. LOL… this leads to a major OOPS that dear gawd made me laugh but at the same time you really feel for him. He's smart, sexy, devious when he needs to be, Alpha but doesn't want to be the main man, and very protective of his mate when he finally understands that she's his… aka sober… I loved watching his progression in this book and loved the little glimpses we got of him in Silver Mine.Gemmita…. poor sweet, coddled Gemmita…. She meets her mate just as she is trying to come out from under the thumb of her well meaning Alpha father. She's not used to being so open with her wolf nor is she used to being accepted as someone who can truly stand on her own feet. I felt for her as she not only tried to gain her independence but also had to learn that being independent didn't mean shutting out her mate's help. These two took a bit to soften to one another but let me tell you when they come together… watch out.. they are hot HOT HOT.Anyway go check this one out so you can get addicted to the Wolfies… then head on to Silver Mine.