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Intimate Enemies (Covert Affairs, #1) - Joan  Swan Intimate Enemies was a fairly quick read for me but had me rooting for the main couple to not only find happiness but victory over one of the main bad guys in this book. I enjoyed the action but I must say the only thing I wanted more more more of was the main pair. I wanted to see more of them together not only the really hot sexy scenes but the connection they had outside of the bedroom.Cassie Christo is back in Mexico to find out more about the deaths of her mother and step-brother. She knows who is responsible but as of yet has no true proof her scum of a stepfather committed the crime. She is working on getting him out of the home she grew up in and also opening a clinic in town to help those less fortunate receive the medical care they need/deserve. She isn't looking for a relationship but has vivid memories of a stranger who held and helped her at her lowest point during the funeral and burial. She wants to meet him again and see if the intense connection she felt at that time was real or caused by the emotional stress she was under. She is a very driven woman and also naive at times by putting herself in some really risky situations. She just wants to do what is right and not necessarily worried about her own safety.Rio... sigh..... Rio... What can I say. Hmmm... Sexy, brooding, intensely loyal, honorable, Alpha... All these are definitely huge parts in what makes him such a compelling hero. He runs in to Cassie again at the house where she finds out he is working for the man she despises and may have killed her family. He was intensely attached to her family and also found himself wanting Cassie before he even met her due to the way they talked about her. He met her at the funeral and had hoped that once he was free he would be able to look her up and see where their intense chemistry would take them. He fights his feelings and attraction for her but cannot stay strong where she is concerned.You see... Rio is undercover trying to take down some really bad men in northern Mexico (human trafficking and terrorism play a major role). As much as he wants Cassie he has to keep playing the game his undercover assignment requires. He acts like he is a bad guy but Cassie senses and hopes that her instincts are correct that he is truly a good man caught up in a situation not of his making. They play hot and cold due to this conflict but when they come together they really heat up things quickly. You know he will always need to do the right thing even if it tears his heart out to have to try to hurt her. You'll love seeing them work their way to each other and help each other get the information they both need to get closure on both the mission and her family's murder.I loved this book and cannot wait for more in this series. You will like watching the dynamics between all the characters in this book and cheer for the downfall of the bad guys.Go grab it at Amazon, Barnes&Noble or Smashwords... It's worth it!!Again special thanks to Joan Swan for allowing me to read this. Keep them coming!!