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Forever a Stallion - Deborah Fletcher Mello This was a quick read and interesting but some of the romance was a bit silly. Phaedra has just learned that her mom was keeping a huge secret about her paternity. She finds out that she is the daughter of an affair that her mom had with a man who was married at the time but having some difficulties. She goes to Dallas to find out more about her half-siblings and discovers more than she could have ever imagined. Mason has decided with the sale of his hotel empire that he needs to have the family he has always wanted. He has watched his sister fall in love with one of the Stallion boys so knows he wants what she has. He meets the newly discovered Stallion sibling and is there when the news is broken to the rest of the family. After dropping the bombshell Phaedra is supported by Mason who of course has found her incredibly intriguing and has offered (pushed) his way in to spending time with her as she heads to Thailand to do a photo shoot. While there they fall in love and then the fun happens... Mason is kidnapped and the calvary is of course called in to save the day. Phaedra gets the support and family she never thought she would and all is right with the world. I can say I gave this a 3 cause while I didn't hate it hate it... I didn't love it... but it wasn't a 2 level for me... If I want a bit of cheesy romance then I might pick this back up. The story wasn't bad but it wasn't enough to make me want to go pick up the backlist. Special thanks to and Harlequin - Kimani Romance for the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review.