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Eliza's Awakening - Zaide Bishop This was a hard one to rate/review... I gave it a 2 because the author shows some promise but I have to agree with another reviewer that found the actual scene with her loss of virginity discomforting to say the least. I believe if we had been able to see a bigger picture then this might not have been so shocking and stark but in this short format it just left a huge feeling of discomfort.I would like to see a longer treatment done by this author as I think some of her imagery and thought process is intriguing to me but this was not a great read.If you just want a quick, explicit read this would be it for you but if you want a complete story and have an issue with scenes that do have a feel of rape to them then please pass this.Special thanks to and Carina Press for the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review.