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Forbidden Obsessions (Bondage & Breakfast #4) - Jodie Griffin I have to say I have enjoyed every book in this series and like most people have been waiting on Gabe's story. He's been a wonderful presence in all the other stories so you can't help but want him to find his own lady love.Liv decides to take an offer of a place to stay and rest/recuperate from a friend of a friend. She knows the place was a sort of BDSM getaway for those in the lifestyle who wanted somewhere they could play in safety and learn from a man with a great reputation for teaching/nurturing healthy relationships in the lifestyle. She's still coming to terms with her accident and trying to figure out where she goes from here but also is terrified because she is dealing with some lingering issues that could cause everything she ever worked for to be permanently wiped away. I liked her strength and the fact that she never made things easy for Gabe but instead stood up for herself as she wanted to be treated as if she never had the accident. This does lead to some stupidity on her part of pushing her body harder than it needed to be and not asking for help from a man she's drawn to in spite of her inner reservations. She's smart, strong and a perfect match for a man who needs someone that submits to him but also is a true equal to him outside of the bedroom.Gabe has intrigued me from book one as we've seen this intense Dom guide our other couples to a happy place in their relationships. He's a bit disconcerted by the fire and incidents that happened in the last book which has left him wondering what exactly he wants to do with his life. He's wrongly blaming himself for the events in the last title and to see this strong man wondering if his instincts are wrong about everything around him was a bit hard at times to stomach. I loved how he wanted to push her but at the same time needed to make sure that she properly recovered from her accident. This of course leads to some major conflict between the two of them which results in a good grovel scene late in the book. Gabe is to me the prime example of what a Dom should be - caring, controlled, passionate and growly. He's always been the one with the answers and seeing him realize he doesn't have to be but can share his fears and joys with a true partner was a lot of fun.These two are perfect together and I cannot thank Jodie enough for letting me get my greedy hands on it early.