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Wounded Angel (Earth Angels, #3) - Stacy Gail Another wonderful entry in this series about the hidden offspring of angels and humans.Ella only wants to live her life in peace without having to be confronted by the evil that made her run and hide. She knows the monster is dead but when she meets our hero she is forced to confront not only her own fears but that the monster she thought was dead might not truly be gone. She's strong but is so unwilling to trust anyone that she lives an almost half-life full of fear and distrust. As she has to confront long dormant sexual urges she also is fighting her own inner demons that keep her from fully letting this man in to her life and her heart. I liked how she had made a new life for herself but that she also was strong enough to recognize the fear for what it was and not let it win. After surviving a killer and running away from the life she once knew she also lost a major part of herself and until Nate has been unwilling to let her guard down even the tiniest bit.Nate is struggling to figure out exactly what he is now that his powers have seemingly left him. He is hired to find the victim of a serial killer in order to give her funds left for her by a member of the psychos family but discovers not only her but a side to himself that he was never willing to acknowledge until it is forced out of him under extreme circumstances. As you get to know him and what makes him tick you can't help but be drawn to him and want to help heal this wounded warrior. He's so convinced that he has nothing to provide from a supernatural standpoint that he puts himself on the line in other ways to help this woman he found when she was taken. I loved how much he needed Ella but I also loved that we got to see him really work through issues that have kept him bound for his entire life. Seeing him come in to his own and start to trust in himself was wonderful to read and I appreciated the time we got to spend watching him work things through.The bad guy in this is one creepy demon and getting glimpses of the others via the Web was a nice treat. I cannot wait for more from this series and I have to thank Stacy for writing yet another fun tale.Thanks to and Carina Press for providing me a copy of this story in return for my honest review. I greatly appreciate it!