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Diana's Hound (Bloodhounds, #4) - Moira Rogers 4.5 stars!!Well what can I say other than "GIMME MORE MORE MORE MORE!!!" I know the authors know I adore their stuff under this pen name as well as under their Kit Rocha persona (coughACEcough) but this series has proven to be one of the most intriguing from the standpoint of the characters and time period they've introduced. I find myself wanting to know more about how the Guild came in to being let alone what exactly is so special about Hunter and Diana. Diana has been handling her status as the only known female bloodhound very well and knows that even though this isn't what she originally thought her life would be she is still happy to be living it. She's strongly attracted to Nate but also knows that she shouldn't be as how could he want her. She's done her time having assignations with men who meant nothing more than a way to survive the moon's call on her as a bloodhound but Nate calls to her in a way that she didn't expect. She's trying to learn her place in the world of Bloodhounds by learning how to fight and not only serve her purpose of killing vampires but helping uncover the secrets her mentor kept from her. She agrees to go on a mission to find out more about the rogue hound that created her even though it could result in her death at the hands of demons and vampires. The one wrinkle in this plan is Nate has decided he will be the one leading her in to this hell which in itself creates a new hell.Nate is still coming to terms with this new hybrid life he has been saddled with. I mean being half-vampire/bloodhound is hard enough without his new attraction to Diana. She calls to his primal soul more than any other woman but he is convinced that she deserves so much better than he can ever give her plus I mean he's so much older than the vibrant younger bloodhound. He admires her and struggles with his instincts to keep her from harm even as he knows she needs to fight as it is her nature as a hound. When he finally gives in to his yearning we get some incredibly hot scenes with such a great balance of heart/love behind it. He's aware for the first time in his long life that things are best when you can find someone to truly share yourself with and for that alone the book shone bright.Special thanks to the authors for once again letting me get my hands on their work early. I cannot thank the ladies enough (although coughmoreACEcough would make me an extremely happy person) for being willing to let me have it early in hopes that I would review it and sing their praises… :-)If you haven't read this series yet go out and grab it because this is an interesting world and from things revealed in this story it is only going to get much much better.